Upcoming : The Cleaning Diaries

The Cleaning Diaries follows Carol Carson, a happy stay at home mom, homemaker and President of the PTA at her daughter’s elementary school, who’s husband leaves her for another woman, she’s then forced to accept a job at her daughter’s school as the school custodian. She is bitter and has a sharp edge to her wit…but she’s determined to make a life for herself and her daughter.

She is approached by single and handsome, Police Officer Scott Dolan, the Police liaison for drugs and gang activity in the school district. He wants Carol to befriend Johnny Velarde, a sixth grade trouble maker whose father, Tony Velarde, a convicted drug dealer soon to be released from prison.

Officer Dolan wants Carol to earn Johnny’s trust, hoping Johnny will confide in her what is happening when his father is home from prison. She is very hesitant to get involved..but agrees. Then she meets Tony Velarde…and discovers he might not be the man Officer Dolan has described.

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